Customer Oriented

Object Detection

01. Object Detction and Positioning System


01. Auto Assembly of Lid Parts

02. Locate the Keys on a Keyboard

03. Help a robot to pick up tubes and place onto a tray.

04. PCB Positioning

05. Bike Parts (in Carbon Fiber) Positioning

Automated Optical
Inspection ( AOI )

01. Plastic Inspection
02. Coke Cans Inspection
03. Check the Bottle Cap is Assembled
04. Check the Mold After Injection(Plastic Injection Machine)
05. Steel Composite Panel Inspection
06. Hot-Beverage Lid Inspection
07. Inspection of Hot-pressing Packaging Edge(Alcohol Swab)
08. Dialysis Tube Inspection
09. Dimensional Inspection of Shrink Film
10. Cosmetic Containers Inspection
11 . Horizontal Examination for Coil Springs
12. Display Inspection

Image Recognition

01. Assure that colored pencils are arranged in order
02. Face Recognition

03. X-ray Interpretation of Steel Pipe
04. OCR

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